Recently, my friend and associate, Teri Brown wrote me a note recalling this Beatles Story.  We worked together during my Concert days. I thought I would share this with you!:


I was thinking back on our Beatle days and wondered if you remembered the 1965 ticket story?  Even during the second year of the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl, there were no “real” ticket outlets, and we were not set up for credit cards...I don’t think the bowl was was 1965.

Anyway, at the office we were being besieged with VIP ticket requests.  Everyone from Frank Sinatra to the Mayor of Los Angeles wanted to be there!!!  We also had to service all the record industry people and talent agents that we dealt with all year long. We “had” to buy the tickets like everyone else, although we had set aside a certain number to each show for our purchase.  It was cash, check or money order, but we also could not put this money in the bank (because the money orders and checks were made payable to the Hollywood Bowl). 

Each day, as the orders came in, I would mark down the amount sent, number of tickets, and person’s name on the outside of their order.  As we were required to “buy” these tickets all at once.  I would then put the orders back in my giant red and black luggage hat box and kept them with me for about a month…mostly in the trunk of my car. This ended up being a lot of money, and I was anxious to get rid of this responsiblitiy.  Imagine if anyone knew that the Beatles ticket money was being handled in this manner.

I was so happy, when the deadline for orders was reached, and I could then purchase the tickets and distribute them. 

That presented its own set of problems.  I remember finally bring both nights worth of tickets to KRLA, when you were on the air….sitting on the floor and laying the tickets out to resemble the seating at the Bowl….Then taking the orders for that night and matching the ticket locations to the people and the number of tickets they requested.  It took your whole shift for two consequtive nights!!!!

But, Bob, if we weren’t such pioneers in this industry, and weren’t so caught up in the Beatle mania, do you think we would have been smart enough to think of Ticketmaster????  Probably, computers during those days, it would be 10 years before that company would be founded!!!

Fond memories of the early days of the concert business, which was certainly attributed to the Beatles being the first act to “tour” as a headline group in large venues. 

Your poster sure brings back those memories…what a great rock and roll... Beatles... piece of history!!!




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#1 Susan 2015-03-09 14:33

I love this little memory - thank you to both you and Teri for sharing! I hope you'll continue post more little stories!

HUGE Beatles Fan

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